What's On My Desk - Candice Langston

I'm often asked, "Candice, what's on your desk?" Here's what I say:

Two 40oz cans of Mountain Dew, one I purchased at my favorite convenience store (which also sells individual rolling papers and two-packs of wife beaters) and the other one was a gift. I'm saving them for a special occasion.

A well-worn copy of Laetitia Baldridge's etiquette bible, bookmarked to my favorite page that talks about how to handle rude drivers/unpleasant taxi rides. Instead of simply not tipping (because you always tip!), Laetitia stage-crafts some epic ladylike  clap-back: she would exit the taxi and leave the door hanging wide open so the driver would have to get out to close it. I've never had the nerve to try this move myself but I've set it as a personal growth goal.

The Screaming Pickle, which speaks for itself...


A kitty that Matt Tyndall brought back for me from Japan. It has a fancy padded mat but it prefers the plain box it came in. 


(Not pictured, the unicorn corral)