We are building a diverse team of strategists, communicators, marketers, brand developers, social media masters, poets, graphic gurus, presenters, digital ninjas, foodies, writers, Pantone junkies, filmmakers, facilitators and #wegeekoncivics types who put their talents and skills to work to help good causes move forward.

Sometimes we know what works from proven experience and sometimes we create the needed new (we love that part).

The SOLID experience is effective but far away from rigid. Accountable with a big dose of fresh and fun.

We have hot dates with Empathy and build relationships with Effective.

We love to Laugh.

We adore Clever.

We crush on Performance.

We send flirty text messages to Witty ('cuz it signals smart and that does it for us.)

But in the end...we are married to What Works aka Results.

A SOLID team

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Tracy Russ


Tracy Russ is an experienced strategist, communications executive, and engagement expert with demonstrated success in designing and deploying innovative brand experiences and interactive engagement processes that build value and advance purpose for people and cultures within for-profit and non-profit organizations and institutions, communities and advocacy efforts.

Tracy has created, led and guided numerous high-profile initiatives as Chief Marketing Officer for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Chief Convergence Officer at ecoAmerica and Executive Director of Crossroads Charlotte.

He likes Skittles, running, haiku, original Star Trek, puppies AND kittens, and hopes Dame Shirley Bassey thinks he is as cool as he thinks she is...but probably not.

More on Tracy here.

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Candice Langston


Candice Langston is a marketing and program guru, with key experience in management; experience design; strategic communications; community engagement strategy; sponsorship and donor engagement, campaign design; brand development and activation; strategic positioning and public relations; master narrative and message development.

Candice was previously in leadership positions with Sotheby's, the Director of Strategic Partnerships & Development for UNCC College of Arts & Architecture and brought TEDx to Charlotte. She earned her MBA and an MA in Arts Administration from Southern Methodist University.

She likes Camaros, loves her kids and has invited Duran Duran to serve on the SOLID Advisory Board. We're still waiting on word back.

More on Candice here.

we are building a SOLID team and community of thinkers, doers, explorers and idea acrobats who can do good with good work.


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collaboration is a SOLID value. photos by Deborah Triplett


how people REALLY behave is a story of neighbors AND numbers

(people's choices are as powerfully influenced by our environment, social inputs and context as they are by facts and data. we are huge fans of behavioral economics and social frameworks as constructs for change)

Simple works best

(if it is not clear to you, it will not work to engage anyone else)

Imagination and intention go together

(we think they secretly dated in high school)

Prototyping and iteration ARE innovation

(billions of years of evolution can't be wrong...right?)

Collaboration gets things done

(partnerships take time but multiply impact to scale)

"Design is the first signal of intent"

(architect/incredi-guy William McDonough...he is our SOLID crush)

Sharing is amazing

(like some of our ideas? grab them, try them and tell us how it went. we have bunches more!)