from the story of a Southern city comes a New South vision in action

In a community that is growing in population and diversity, SOLID helped the Community Building Initiative forward the organization's mission to "intensify the commitment and increase the capacity of individuals and organizations to build a more inclusive and equitable community" with a comprehensive communications platform, brand narrative and engagement programs such as I See Your Point and Different Together Is Better.

Different Together Is Better was created by SOLID to serve as the theme for a Community Building Initiative outreach program and annual community leadership gathering.  The campaign paired familiar objects that work together as a cohesive whole, much like a diverse community can work best. Check out the Different Together Is Better video above.

Collaboration is a SOLID value.  Dedicated leadership from CBI's Dianne English, fantastic brand graphic design from Adam Roth and authentic people images from Frank Balthazar came together across multiple SOLID projects with Community Building Initiative.